latest news EGG HUNT-01

03.31.15 | Mockingbird Trail Neighborhood Egg Hunt

by: @CadenceLiving We're having a neighborhood egg hunt! 5 days, 5 eggs! Starting Monday, clues...

Workshop 2 FINAL-01

03.09.15 | Mockingbird Trail | Workshop 2

by: @CadenceLiving Explore Flagler Village, discover new places and experience the village with your friends...

2015.02.28 Mockingbird Trail Artwalk W-MAP-01 copy

02.11.15 | Cadence Pop-up Gallery Presents | Mockingbird Trail

by: @CadenceLiving Want to see all the information we have gathered from the first workshop...

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Designing Real Places with Real Purpose.

We are landscape architects. Our trademark is crafting spaces and orchestrating experiences. Our canvas is the outdoors. We design with a conscious regard for nature, coupled with a commitment to our clients and our community. We are Cadence.

Cadence is a landscape architecture and urban design practice focused on connecting physical and social landscapes. We nurture smart growth and promote a cross-pollination of ideas for our clients. We have erased traditional industry divisions to fuel collaboration, free creativity and execute ideas. Collectively we are designers, connectors, thinkers and doers working to deliver a handcrafted experience of place. We are fortunate to do what we love for people and with a purpose we believe in. Most of all, we have fun doing this. Lifeʼs too short to do business any other way. Learn more about us »

Project Portfolio: A visual tour of projects, places and people that we call our work.