Connecting Physical and Social Landscapes
July 31st | 11:00AM

Join the Cadence crew members, Stephanie Dunn, Kacey Parrales, and Rebecca Bradley as they presents at the 2024 ASLA Florida Annual Conference. In this course, the speakers will explore the intersection of connecting physical and social landscapes. The course will be a deep dive into the art of community engagement, mentorship and outreach; discovering impactful strategies to connect with diverse generations and cultures. Gain insights into educating the public about the profound impact of landscape architecture on our surroundings through first-hand community engagement project examples. This presentation will also share techniques for engaging and educating the public on the design process, benefits of nature, and collaborating with non-profit entities and community partners.

Stephanie Dunn
Associate, Cadence

Kacey Parrales
Designer, Cadence

Rebecca Bradley
Founding Principal, Cadence