Nothing aids the creative brain like a change of scenery. To celebrate our 7th anniversary of Cadence, we packed up the team and headed outdoors for our annual work retreat. We use this time to re-energize and strengthen as a team, focusing on our shared goals together. This year’s destination: Naples Botanical Garden, 170 acres of open space designed by a collection of award winning landscape architects, Ellin Goetz, Raymond Jungles, Herb Schaal, Bob Truskowski, and Made Wijaya. Garden buildings designed by Lake | Flato Architects.

As we arrive, our team immediately relishes in the excellent design that has been executed in the transformative garden experience. The garden walk guides you to traverse 10 different tropical and subtropical gardens. A few of these include, The Kapnick Brazilian garden – an ode to the Father of Modern Landscape Architecture, Roberto Burle Marx, the Kapnick Caribbean garden, Lea Asia Garden, and most recently redesigned, the Scott Florida Garden. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Garden’s walking trails, birding in the restored nature habitats, and coffee or lunch at the cafe, a brilliantly designed outdoor/indoor space by Lake | Flato Architects and Raymond Jungles.

Founded in 1993, Phase 1 of Naples Botanical Garden was opened in November of 2009 and in October of 2014, the master plan was complete. In our profession, patience is key and watching a project of this grandeur carried out over the years to its entirety is exhilarating to experience first hand.

Visit Naples Botanical Garden