From Boca to FTL using Public Transportation

In our profession, we promote ideas and design principles such as walkability, pedestrian streetscapes, and public transportation to name a few. Being one of two individuals in our Cadence office that commute to Downtown Fort Lauderdale five days out of the week, I took the opportunity to give public transportation a whole-hearted try.

I was inspired by local friends and coworkers to attempt a multimodal commute. With the use of my bike and cash in hand for my Tri Rail train ticket, I successfully made it roundtrip from Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, all while making it to the Cadence office and going on a lunchtime adventure through Victoria Park neighborhood.



In a matter of 12 hours, I had ridden just over 14 miles by bike and nearly 45 miles by train, while also having a full day’s worth of work. I was physically tired by the end of the day, but more than anything I was invigorated. The lack of stress I experienced versus my typical commute by car was astounding. The ability to allow my mind to rest while on the train and the ability to observe things of visual interest while biking was emotionally stimulating. This experiment also allowed me to be able to experience first hand the obstacles pedestrians and bicyclists face, such as uneven sidewalks, streets with no sidewalks or bicycle lanes when there probably should be, as well as, blind corners and heavy vehicular traffic. Ultimately, I was superbly satisfied.

I would recommend for everyone to try not using their car for one whole day and to utilize multimodal transportation. For me, the change of pace provided an eye opening experience with transformational effects. I hope that it does the same for you.