Thanks to the conference committee’s gracious invitation – the entire Cadence crew was invited to attend a full day’s session of the Florida Chapter ASLA annual conference in Key Largo, FL. Before our presentation of the education session [Tactical Urbanism, Social Media, and the role of the Landscape Architect], Cadence had an opportunity to attend a few other lectures and tour the grounds of the Ocean Reef Club.

Ocean Reef Club by Bike


A Glimpse at Stephanie’s Experience:

After receiving my Bachelors of Architecture degree from Florida Atlantic University this past spring, I’ve enjoyed all the new experiences and challenges that working at Cadence has offered. One of those was to attend the recent FLASLA 2014 Conference at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

The profession of landscape architecture is a topic of that I can further appreciate after my time spent at the conference. The information sessions that I was able to attend covered a wide range of topics that included arboriculture from Joe Samnik, pool design from Brian Van Bower and tactical urbanism by Cadence co-founders, Rebecca and Gage. The experienced professionals who shared their knowledge were engaging and passion for their specialty was obvious. Each session offered new information with bits and pieces that I will be able to use in the future.

Besides from the beneficial education sessions, I was able to spend an awesome day at the Ocean Reef Club! The beautiful location made for an enjoyable experience while traveling to and on the property. Being in the Florida Keys, even if just for a day, helps to reinvigorate the soul and to appreciate the Florida lifestyle. All in all, the FLASLA ’14 Conference was an experience that opened my eyes even further to the scope of the landscape architecture profession.


Design Legacy of William Lyman Phillips and his role as Landscape Architect of Fairchild Gardens.

As a landscape architect Phillips was a true collaborator and exercised the strength of the Landscape Architect to lead a team. He designed spaces with the most holistic approach merging landscape, architecture and engineering. Phillips, a Harvard educated Landscape Architect from Massachusetts, who worked for Olmstead Brothers in Boston, participated in the design and implementation of Boston Commons. Upon his departure from Olmstead Brothers he continued a life long collaborative relationship with Fredrick Law Olmstead Jr working on several notable Florida landscapes together such as Boch Tower Gardens and McKee Botanical Gardens. As Phillips struck out on his own he lead designs for Fairchild Tropical GardensMatheson Hammock Park, and the original design for the Oversea Highway route from Key Largo to Key West. Phillips went on to eventually earn the title of the father of tropical Landscape Architecture. Reference: Biography of William Lyman Phillips

Snapshots of Key West