Cadence Living Outdoors

Rio Vista • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In this interview series, “Cadence Living Outdoors” – we embark on a journey visiting residential landscapes we’ve designed over the past 14 years. In our second conversation, we catch up with the clients of a beloved Cadence home completed in 2017. This project highlights the significance of outdoor living in South Florida, demonstrating a greater emphasis on outdoor spaces can elevate the overall living experience. The home received an Emerald Award in 2018 and is Broward NatureScape Certified and Florida Friendly Landscape Certified.

How has the overall design of your landscape impacted your daily life and routine?

It allows us to live outside in South Florida. Instead of creating more house, like we originally planned, we created rooms outside – it gets you out of the house. During Covid it was the best thing, to be able to be out there when everyone else was locked in, it was amazing.

Are there specific elements of the landscape design that you find particularly enjoyable or functional?

The canopy, the shade it creates in the summer – you can actually be outside. Nothing gets too hot to walk on, but still a ton of sun gets in. 

As the outdoor living environment has aged, do you use it differently than you did the first year it was complete? 

When it was completed, the kids were young, toddler age – we had zoysia grass and the kids just enjoyed it too much so after replacing it two times, we decided to change it out to artificial turf. We left real grass everywhere else, but the activity area is great for the kids and it’s so nice for the dog now, too. The pathways are great for scooters and there is tons of basketball being played on the driveway. 

How would you describe the maintenance requirements of the landscape, and has it met your expectations?

It definitely is not low maintenance but it’s worth it maintenance. All the stone work was well laid and has aged well. 

Have you received any feedback or compliments from friends, family, or neighbors regarding your new landscape?

Unreal. Almost every day. What I think made the difference is we had mature vegetation installed from the beginning and did not have to wait for it to grow in. 

Have you observed any changes in the local wildlife or biodiversity as a result of the new landscape features?

Merlins! They love to eat their prey in the oak tree. We see curly tail lizards, lots of squirrels and birds and nests. At night you see your raccoons and opossums.

In what ways has the landscape design contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal and value of your property?

Nothing but positive. It has added value and aesthetics and friendships!

Do you have a favorite time of day that you enjoy the design and what are your rituals

Early morning / late evening watching the sun change.