Start Something that Matters

We want YOU to help US start something that matters. What is ONE thing that every person has? TIME. Each and everyone of us has 24 hours every day. But what we choose to do with that time, is what really matters.

Here’s the challenge: Over the next two weeks, carve out two hours of your routine. The first hour: Do something for yourself that matters (spend extra time with your kids, take a class or spend an extra hour exercising) The second hour: Do something that matters for someone else (help your neighbor with chores, volunteer at the humane society or share your time with those in need)

When you are done with your two hours, share your story with us here.Tell us what you did, how it mattered and how it made you feel. Get creative, see how far you can make One for One work with your idea. Pictures or videos are welcome. We’ll review each post and the person with the most creative use of their take one hour, give one hour wins a hard copy of Start Something That Matters.

What are the rules?

When is the deadline?

What is the Prize?

Why is Cadence doing this and how does it matter?

Blake and his team chose us for the Books for Bloggers Program and charged us with the task of hosting a creative contest. We believe in and are inspired by the One for One model. It’s about both give and take, not just take. Let’s work together to change the way we do something that matters.

We can only do this with your help. So join us to make a big impact, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.