With the holidays upon us, thoughts of giving, spending time with family and holiday meals fill our heads. But think how much impact the holidays could have if what we choose to give has minimal impact on the environment, supports a great cause or possibly solves a problem. This holiday season, try your hand at UpGifting (a similar concept to Upcycling). These companies make sure the product you purchase has a bigger impact than just the initial happiness granted to the person that opens your gift.

Project Repat

Most old T-shirts end up in foreign countries, sold to t-shirt middle men who operate vast t-shirt markets. Project Repat aims to make difference. Their  solution to bring vintage t-shirts back to the American market while helping build sustainable small businesses in other countries is an innovative business model.

Revolution Apparel

A start-up company started by two young women interested in travel, the environment, fashion, and sustainability. This new clothing company is looking to revolutionize the clothing industry, removing waste, unfriendly labor and environmental practices, while still providing stylish clothing options for women.

Green Toys

Excess packaging, toxic materials, and unfavorable manufacturing processes are just a few of the negative side effects found in the toy making industry. All of Green Toys products are made from recycled milk jugs, have minimal packaging and are made right here in the United States.

CSA gift certificates

Give the gift of health! Locally grown food. A year of shares from your local urban farm or community garden.

TOMS shoes/sunglasses

The TOMS One for One concept is growing. This time, TOMS is tackling the issue of eye care in developing countries. Their new line of sunglasses offers customers with a chance to give sight to one person through medical treatment, prescriptions glasses or sight saving surgery for each pair of glasses they purchase.


Two former Fortune Magazine editors decided to create a product that Looks Good and Does Good all in one. The Altruette charm bracelet has an array of charms representing non-profits organizations. With the purchase of each charm, half of the proceed goes to the non-profit. The charm bracelet re-imagined.

Good for you Girls

Why not start young girls out on the right foot with using products free of toxins, parabens, and packaged sustainably. Good for you Girls does just that!

Christmas Cards as ornaments

This clever little Christmas card ornament solves the problem of what to do with the cards you receive. Now those cards have a home – on your Christmas Tree.

Etsy – Go Vintage

Go back in time for your gift giving. Etsy has made finding wonderful vintage collectibles an art-form. Used gifts have never been so cool.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Don’t throw your Christmas Tree to the fate of the landfill. Most municipalities provide recycling services. And if you are in and around Louisiana support the effort to try and restore coastal marshland with Christmas Tree dumps.

Our team believes in the power of innovative, creative minds to do good. It’s always inspiring to see individuals and small businesses around the globe striving to set a better Cadence for the world we live in. Add to the list if you have a favorite to share.