As most of us settle into a month of social isolation and the bizarre reality EVERYONE finds themselves living through, our Cadence crew wants to initiate something meaningful. We don’t work on the front lines of the healthcare industry, nor are we first responders or grocery workers, and we aren’t servers or restauranteurs. But we are part of a community where we have GREATLY benefited from each of these professions and we continue to be thankful for their sacrifices through this moment in time.

Giving, initiating, and taking small steps to march onward is what brings people together. So, in an effort to be grateful and not perpetuate worry, each person on our team selected a non-profit they wish Cadence to support with a monetary donation. Over the upcoming weeks, we will highlight groups who are directly supporting people, causes and professions most impacted by COVID-19.

Join us to boost your spirits and push you out of your Quarantine funk. GIVE, then share with us the organizations you also support.

We can all do something that matters. Initiate with action.


Hands for Hospitality

Hands for Hospitality is a crowd-funded initiative to support hourly restaurant staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of the funds raised will be distributed equally to the out of work employees of the registered South Florida restaurants.

“Those that choose to share their love for hospitality through the food and beverage industry bring so much joy to our community. We all find fun in a meal with friends and family and most of us make meaningful business connections at restaurants and coffee shops. As a full fledge “eat out for lunch- acholic” I have missed my daily mid-day break and meal out at area cafes and restaurants. I hope this small gesture can in some way help the hundreds of waiters, cooks and bus boys over the years from which I know I have benefited. Thank you, and I hope to see you when I am back out to lunch soon!” – Rebecca Bradley



Adopt-a-Box by Redland Ahead

Redland Ahead, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has launched a program called Adopt-a-Box to help provide fresh produce to hungry families while simultaneously helping Redland farmers. Funds donated to Redland Ahead will support local farms by purchasing their fruits & vegetables to create a family-sized 20lb box of produce, passed out each Saturday free of charge to families in need. Consider donating $25 to help a family and build one box.

“We regularly depend on various nurseries and farms to supply materials for our projects. It is important for us to keep supporting the local agricultural communities and Florida farmers during this great pause. By donating to the Adopt-a-Box program, we are able to connect hungry families with fresh produce and help farmers with their crops. I think this is a win-win for everyone and a sign of hope during these uncertain times.” – Gage Couch

Donate: Adopt-a-Box


FarmShare, a Homestead-based organization, holds monthly Community Food Distributions throughout Florida, distributing annually more than 88 million pounds of fresh food free of charge to families, children, seniors and individuals in need. Financial donations can be made via or by texting “EAT” to 41-444.

“At a time when most of us have paused and are being mindful of our lifestyle choices, many in our communities do not have the worry-free privilege of thinking twice about what they should and should not be nourishing themselves and their families with. I support FarmShare because their mission is to make sure that no Floridian goes hungry and no food goes to waste. Food waste has been an incessant issue, and so has equitable access to fresh life-giving foods for so many under-privileged families. FarmShare works tirelessly to lend a helping hand and give everyone a chance to feel blessed during these uncertain times. We all deserve the chance to pause.” – George Debs




MediMeals is a crowdfunded effort organized through to help support South Florida front line medical professionals and our local restaurants. All funds raised will go directly to purchasing and delivering meals to our healthcare staff of South Florida.

“Many of our healthcare workers will work straight through a shift without taking a moment to eat. Providing a fresh meal will alleviate one less item for our caregivers to deal with while on the front lines of this pandemic. This effort through MediMeals also helps support our local restaurant industry during this dire time.”Ashley Turner

Donate: MediMeals


Lighthouse of Broward

Lighthouse of Broward, Non-Profit 501(c)(3) is Broward County’s preeminent resource for the visually impaired community. In part of their emergency response fund, the staff of LHOB are assisting their clients with necessary paperwork and unemployment applications, grocery deliveries, baby needs, and utility bill payments brought on by the pandemic.

“The challenges people are experiencing during this tumultuous time are daunting, especially for at-risk populations. I choose Lighthouse of Broward County nonprofit located in the Flagler Village neighborhood because of the invaluable services and critical resources they provide to blind and visually impaired persons within our local community. With our support, Lighthouse can continue the great work that they do for their clients!”. – Stephanie Dunn