DAN MARINO FOUNDATION CAMPUS: Urban Design | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SCOPE OF SERVICES | Visioning and Conceptual Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation and Administration

PROJECT  STATEMENT | The Dan Marino Foundation renovated .6 acres and over 16,000 gross square feet, of building space in downtown Fort Lauderdale as a campus for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Youth are engaged in academic preparation, on-the-job training and apprenticeships to gain skills necessary for competitive and sustainable employment.

Based on individual preferences, opportunities for training include Hospitality, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship industries.  Cadence provided Master Planning services for the campus as well as Design Development and Construction Documentation for the exterior spaces of the site. Elements include a street-front park, student drop off space and campus courtyard space that is fully integrated with the campus’ educational program.

Cadence collaborated with PowersSchram, occupational therapists and the student population. Over 45 trees and a primarily native plant palette were introduced to this site which previously accommodated over 7,500 square feet of asphalt with minimal green space. This space now engages with pedestrians and is an attractive and functional space for both staff and students to enjoy.

Finally, this is a strong example of utilizing site design and landscape architecture to invigorate under utilized and fragmented parcels of land in the urban core of a downtown neighborhood. This team is proud to be part of a project with such a positive impact on both the redevelopment of downtown Fort Lauderdale, and the independence the students will gain by being a part of this new urban campus.