NORTH BEACH VILLAGE CHARRETTE: Urban Design | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SCOPE OF SERVICES | Design Charrette

PROJECT STATUS | Published in TROPIC Magazine, February 2012

PROJECT¬† STATEMENT | Located between Fort Lauderdale’s Bonnet House Estate and Starwood’s W Hotel is a stretch of low-rise buildings begging for a re-birth. In its February 2012 issue, Tropic Magazine challenged 5 design teams to reimagine this area.¬† Cadence collaborated with PowersSchram Architects to create a sustained coastal destination. This is a village where environmental, economic, and social implications are equally considered to bring vitality back to the streets of Breakers, Terramar, VistaMar, and Windamar. Streets, that beg to once again live up to their suggestive names. Equal attention has been devoted to multi-modal access, versatile business opportunity, and investment in public open space. The vision for North Beach Village reunites old-Florida hospitality with a pedestrian focused village; echoing days when canopy trees towered over this beach front barrier island. The new North Beach Village offers the ability for Mid-Century buildings to be re-born. Empty parcels to be re-imagined and transformed, shared by a rotation of vendors, outdoor exhibits, performance artists, and students. North Beach Village will work to sustain itself, but support the City as a whole. This will be a progressive development model – honoring connection and collaboration.

Breaker’s Avenue was the specific area of focus for our team. Here on the Avenue, people are prioritized and automobiles are in the periphery. A tree canopy returns along the Avenue that was long ago lost to development. Live oaks, gumbo limbo, mahogany, and buttonwood now spill over the walls of the Bonnet House painting the sidewalks with shade. Mid-Century modern architecture will be renewed for a different generation to appreciate and enliven. Street-side activity flourishes year round for both residents and global travelers alike.

Sun Terrace Park (along the Intracoastal Waterway)

Street Front Parklet (along Breaker’s Avenue)

Rotating Market Space (vacant lot along Breaker’s Ave)

Cadillac Food Truck Square (vacant lot along Vistamar)