07.24.14 | Thank You for Attending | 2014 FLASLA

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by: @CadenceLiving Thank you for attending the course, Tactical Urbanism, Social Media and the Landscape Architect during the 2014 FLASLA Annual Conference. Let’s stay connected»

06.09.14 | 2014 FLASLA Annual Conference

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by: @CadenceLiving Join Cadence July 24th, 2014 | 3:30pm-5:30pm at the 2014 FLASLA Annual Conference as we present the course, Tactical Urbanism, Social Media and the Landscape Architect. Learn about the course»

04.16.13 | Hola Puerto Rico. We’ve Missed You.

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by: @CadenceLiving Earlier this year a former classmate from LSU, who now serves as President of the Puerto Rico Institute of Landscape Architecture contacted us to speak during Semana Arquitectura Paisajista (Landscape Architecture Week) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After seeing our tactical urbanism efforts with Better Block FTL and other streetscape design projects, she asked us to speak about “Streets As Places”. Here are more details »

02.01.12 | Art of Travel

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by: @iamRebeccaB
Getting lost in the art of travel is something we just don’t allow ourselves to do as often as we should. You know, the type of travel that is long enough, and exotic enough to alter your normal state of mind. Days seem longer, the disconnection to your phone and internet is exhilarating and regular responsibilities fade. This is the beauty of travel »

10.18.10 | The Roux, Atlanta

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by: @iamRebeccaB
So often designers speak of authenticity and experience – what does that really mean? On a recent trip to Atlanta, I covered more ground in 3 days with my valiant tour guide than I have in the last 5 visits I’d made to Hotlanta. Touring around with a fellow designer, we couldn’t help but analyze every single place we visited. From a menu selection – to the typography of a particular sign – to the layout of a local artisan’s boutique…we notice everything! As designers that’s our job. The regular public enjoys a space or a place with a clear head, while we analyze why is the place so successful – just what is making it an authentic and pleasurable experience for those who frequent it? Read the rest of this entry »