08.04.14 | Cadence reinvigorates with a trip to The Florida Keys


by: @CadenceLiving Thanks to the conference committee’s gracious invitation – the entire Cadence crew was invited to attend a full day’s session of the Florida Chapter ASLA annual conference in Key Largo, FL. The Florida Keys Experience »

12.22.13 | This Holiday Season, Shop Local

shop local photo

by: @CadenceLiving Shopping local at small businesses this holiday season? As a small business, at Cadence we understand the importance of recycling our revenue back into the local economy, the importance of making personal connections, and supporting local craftsman to continue producing unique goods. Check out our local picks »

12.16.11 | Our 2011 Book List

Blog image_start something that matters

by: @CadenceLiving
It’s that time of year again. We had great feedback last year from our “Best Reads of the Year” post. This year our book list has grown. Each book offers a different insight: rethinking business, how to live and work in a meaningful way, as well as highlights one of our favorite re-imagined living environments – New York’s High Line Park.

This year, however, one book gets special attention. Blake Mycoskie chose Cadence as one of several hundred winners in his “Books for Bloggers” to promote his new book, Start Something That Matters. A big THANK YOU goes out to Blake and his team for selecting us. Here is our review »

12.16.10 | Our Best Reads of the Year


by: @iamRebeccaB
Whether you are thinking of starting a new business, have owned your business for years, or are interested in changing the business you are in….here are five new reads for 2011. Uplifting, informative and simply presented, each of these books have personally assisted us in building Cadence from the ground up. This selection provides both macro and micro views of how to run a business as well as guidance for understanding the new social and economic climate we currently find ourselves in – each one providing clarity in an age of information overload. If you have the spirit of a doer and the mind of a creator, enjoy these reads. Now go ahead, get reading »