09.19.13 | PARKing Day & Parklets come to FTL


by: @CadenceLiving In September 2011 we launched Fort Lauderdale’s first PARK(ing) Day event. We are so excited to see it is catching on. Both the City of Miami and Fort Lauderdale have instituted pilot programs for “Parklets” aimed at encouraging businesses to widen their sidewalk square footage for pedestrian use by utilizing (purchasing) City metered parking spots for a year. This year’s PARK(ing) Day will be a regional event for several South Florida communities. Come hang with us here »

04.25.13 | The Little Garden That Could

Blog Image_Flagler Garden Sketch

by: @CadenceLiving Designed to be the City’s first destination garden, Flagler Garden will grow more than just fruits and vegetables. It will grow authentic connections, it will grow availability to educational opportunities based around sustainable living and it will grow awareness about the power of well designed outdoor spaces. We live in a place where most people dream of vacationing – let’s give that outdoor space the love it deserves. Get outside and grow downtown »

05.16.11 | Cadence Awarded First Place in National Canal Design Competition


by: Bob Ross
There won’t be any problem finding $30,000 to pay the Florida consortium that designed a playground, volunteer plaza and botanical walk as part of the winning contest entry to beautify the West Esplanade Avenue drainage canal in Metairie. The winning design in the Drainage Canal Design Competition features plenty of public interaction, including a playground, a volunteer plaza and a botanical walk. Read the rest of this article »

02.14.11 | Ingredients for Your Environment


by: @CadenceLiving
At Cadence, we know that every project we work on affects the lives of others. Each decision we make must be thoughtful. We’ve also found that whatever the purpose or size of the space, a few key ingredients are universal to creating meaningful spaces. Take these ingredients, mix them with some thought and creativity – you’ll find you can transform any space into a living environment. 5 simple steps here »

02.10.11 | Why Fast Design Isn’t Good for You

BLOG_LC_slow design

by: @Chambermader
Great design isn’t easy. It takes something out of you: time, energy, effort, creativity, and heart. But the good news is that as creative professionals we have the capacity to give all of those…and give well, creating great places and legacies that are not fast and futile, but slow and enriching for those around us. Read the rest of this entry »

10.29.10 | Recycled Cereal Box Cards


by: @gagecouch
Interested in reusing materials to recreate their purpose? So are we. A couple of months back, we began collecting our cereal boxes instead of throwing them in with the rest of the recycles here at the office. We had no idea at the time of how we would utilize them, until we began running out of thank you cards to send to our clients. We made a quick visit to our local printer (who previously helped us with our business cards) to see what they could do. Check out the end product here »

10.18.10 | The Roux, Atlanta

blog_the roux_atlanta

by: @iamRebeccaB
So often designers speak of authenticity and experience – what does that really mean? On a recent trip to Atlanta, I covered more ground in 3 days with my valiant tour guide than I have in the last 5 visits I’d made to Hotlanta. Touring around with a fellow designer, we couldn’t help but analyze every single place we visited. From a menu selection – to the typography of a particular sign – to the layout of a local artisan’s boutique…we notice everything! As designers that’s our job. The regular public enjoys a space or a place with a clear head, while we analyze why is the place so successful – just what is making it an authentic and pleasurable experience for those who frequent it? Read the rest of this entry »