Meet the people behind the name.

We know change is the only thing that is for certain. We believe preparation and the ability to be nimble in how we react to that change is what makes us different. Our actions must continually give credibility to our words – at Cadence that is our commitment to you.

Cadence was co-founded by Gage Couch and Rebecca Bradley. Together, we share good ideas and practice smart design. We work small and we think big. Our collaboration stems from a desire to bring high-end design and forward thinking strategies to like-minded land developers and property owners. Combined, we have 20 years of first hand experience in the design and planning industry. During that time, we witnessed the ultimate highs of the development industry – as well as the oh-so-very lows. With that experience in hand, we set our sights to rethink the way we approach solutions and serve our clients.

Our project experience spans the Caribbean, Latin America and the Southeastern United States. The Cadence studio is located in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are familiar with tropical environments, but this does not limit where we can work. No project is too small. No location is too far. Bring us on board and you will see we are here for the entire journey. Meet the co-founders of Cadence, Gage Couch and Rebecca Bradley.

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