Cadence is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership in the development of Johnny Appleseed Organic Village, in Folkston, GA. Understanding the positive impact that argritourism and regenerative farming can have on our environment and our health, this new endeavor mirrors our core values.

In the works before the current state in which the world finds itself, the quest to find the next Johnny Appleseed is underway! Think you have what it takes? Auditions are happening online for the new reality TV competition, Garden Gladiators. There has never been a more poignant time than now to inspire self-reliant, sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

For those passionate about our environment, interested in a closer connection to the land or just love watching DIYer’s do their thing, you can stay connected with Johnny Appleseed Organic Village through their blog, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

“There is real wisdom needed to meet the unpredictable challenges gardeners face,Jeff Meyer, founder of show and developer of Johnny Appleseed Orchards.  “We meet great gardeners with stories to tell everywhere in America. This show is for them – Garden Gladiators gives them the opportunity to tell their garden stories and show their capabilities.”
Johnny Appleseed Organic Village is the benchmarking resource for the show in partnership with show producer, GlassOnion Productions and Mother Earth News. Photos courtesy of @JohnnyAppleSeedOrganic