Join Stephanie Dunn of Cadence January 25th, 2019 at 3:15pm for the 3rd Transforming Landscapes for a Sustainable Future Conference as we present, Professional Native Landscapes. This year’s conference will be held at The Emerson Center in Vero Beach, Florida.

Professional Native Landscapes by Cadence

Cadence is a South Florida-based landscape architecture firm committed to utilizing native plants in their design practice. Their presentation, Professional Native Landscapes, will be an introduction to the art and science of landscape architecture, and will explore urban design, commercial, and institutional projects. With many of their project sites located in a landscape already shaped by human activity, they strive to lessen the negative impact of human development through the implementation of native plants that echo the regional landscape and create a “sense of place”. Their portfolio makes the case to reclaim Florida’s biodiversity in a cultivated landscape with the ever-changing environment.