As Landscape Architects, we are well-versed in designing and building spaces and experiences but how does that translate into a virtual augmented world? After coming across an ad for Magic Leap’s Independent Creator Grant Program, our team set out to experiment and brainstorm a way for humans to explore and improve the natural world, both virtually and in real life. While numerous ideas were tossed around, one thing they all had in common was a conservation aspect to protect and preserve our unique biodiversity.

Meet VIRTUE, our submission for Magic Leap’s 2018 Independent Creator Grant Program. VIRTUE is a conceptual augmented reality location-based game that promotes the exploration of the natural world and public spaces/land in the context of one’s local environment.


vir·tue /ˈvərCHo͞o/

defined // Behavior Showing High Moral Standards, Goodness, Integrity, Honor, Decency, Respectability.

In our world? Gaming Together for the Greater Good


Capitalizing on the popularity of web-based community survival games, VIRTUE places value on those willing to explore, exercise, build, play, and interact in real life. The hours, currency and advancement in the augmented world develops into built green infrastructure improvements that benefit the local communities. On an individual level for the players, the concept would focus on physical and mental wellness by promoting an active lifestyle and bringing players together.

The game’s interface would include location based elements such as real time weather and seasonal effects and animal avatars options native to the players location.

While it was not selected as one of the finalists, we enjoyed the team challenge to throw our hat into the mix of the 6,000 applications Magic Leap received.