Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center provides shelter and care to stray, surrendered and impounded dogs and cats. Cadence provided a design for a multi-use exercise and play area while these animals await adoption. The new design will help facilitate additional programs and services which promote responsible pet ownership, as well as provide an additional platform to help conduct community outreach and education programs.

Pets’ Broward will be hosting the park’s upcoming fundraiser, Merry Mutts & Festive Felines, which will directly support the construction of this much needed outdoor space.

With the addition of Florida native palm tree stands, canopy trees and shade sails the park environment provides a comfortable space for volunteers to exercise the dogs and promotes adoption meetings to happen outdoors in the shade. The new park design utilizes one acre of additional useable space for walking trails, training sessions, private shaded seating areas, free play and obstacle course opportunities. Volunteers and dogs will have a wide variety of activities to enjoy outdoors in a safe and securely fenced area. 

Trees and palms have been proposed in key areas to shade the space from southwestern sun exposure. The existing fenced dog park, dog bone terrace and the existing back sidewalk of the building will now be more comfortable for outdoor seating and visiting sessions close to the building. Various seating elements have been added throughout the park space to encourage walking and more comfortable outdoor time for volunteers and dogs. Large steps leading from the back door down the sloped terrain to the existing fenced area improves access to and from the park space. The larger steps provide a more comfortable space for informal seating and gathering. Artificial turf is proposed for the interior fenced dog area and the main path leading from the building. Wagging Tales Trail is a gravel path that traverses the park space and connects to the new gate portal that allows access to Broward County Boater’s Park, directly adjacent to the Adoption Center. The connection to the County Park and shaded trails within this park provides volunteers and dogs even more space for exploring. 

The new park design will provide therapeutic benefits to both the animals and volunteers spending time at the Adoption Center. With access to this new outdoor space in Sabal Grove Bark Park, volunteers will find respite from the sun while the dogs can enjoy their stay before finding a forever home.