2018 Curriculum Challenge Winning Lesson Plan

Future Landscape Architects of America (FLAA)
The Communication Challenge By Cadence
FLAA Curriculum

We are thrilled to stand alongside 3 other ASLA curriculum winners for the FLAA’s 2018 Curriculum Challenge! Created by landscape architects, the lesson plans serve as a tool for K-12 students to discover the career field of landscape architecture.

Each curriculum can be followed as is or adjusted to meet timeline or activity requirements. Visit flaamerica.org/resources to download 4 unique lesson plans.

The Communication Challenge // Grades 6th – 8th

In this lesson plan, you will be teaching 3 key aspects of communicating design. The first goal in any design related field is to communicate your thoughts, ideas and values to your audience. By researching a famous place designed by a Landscape Architect or Landscape Architecture firm, the students will use the provided methods to describe the project, firm, and create their own concept statement. This lesson will also provide a handwriting challenge for the students to hand letter their statement using the provided hand lettering tracing template. The activity will end with the students presenting their project through a brief presentation. The total time for this activity is estimated at 4 hours. Download now