Throughout the month of October (and beyond), join us as we continue to shine a light on the vital need and benefits Florida Native Plants have in preserving biodiversity. We all can help in the restoration of our native plant habitats, below are 8 ways you can start!

8 ways you can participate in Florida Native Plant Month

    1. Keep informed by following along on Instagram, @cadenceliving
    2. Participate in our Florida Native Plant Seed Swap to grow your own native garden
    3. Save the date of 11.10 and come hike with Cadence and see native plants in the wild
    4. Join your local Florida Native Plant Society Chapter and attend a meeting
    5. Vote November 6th to elect officials who will fight to protect our environment
    6. Visit your local city, county, state and national parks near you and ENJOY the protected natural world
    7. Reduce the amount of lawn in your yard and replace with native plants that support wildlife
    8. Consider hiring a landscape architect to discover the great potential in your outdoor environment (home or business)