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THIS IS OUR CALL TO ACTION! Take a break from the stress of the semester and join fellow LSU classmates for a Photo-a-Day challenge, April 22nd through April 29th. Each day, for 7 days, you are challenged to share your favorite quote(s) from The New Landscape Declaration through photos or video using the daily photo themes.

How to participate:

  • First, read and sign the declaration. Visit: lafoundation.org/declaration
  • Share your favorite quote from the declaration by…
    • Adding yours to the printable Call to Action template available here: Click to print
    • Add a video of you and/or your friends reading the New Declaration or excerpt
    • Be creative! Daily chances for your photo to be shared
  • Then, tag a friend and challenge them to read, sign and share their favorite quote from the New Landscape Declaration.
  • Share it through Instagram using the hashtag #NewLandscapeDeclaration. Tag @lafoundation and @cadenceliving and you will automatically be entered into the week’s contest to win a copy of the The New Landscape Declaration book! Winner will be selected by May 2nd.

Have a question? Email ashley@cadence-living.com.