2016 FLASLA Annual Conference

Join Cadence August 5th, 2016 | 9:15am-10:15am at the 2016 FLASLA Annual Conference as we present the course, The Art of Engagement: A Case Study of South Florida’s First Urban Art Trail.


In this course, we will discuss the opportunities for Landscape Architects to apply innovative urban intervention in the Cities where they reside. Learn how South Florida’s first urban art trail was brought to life. We will discuss Mockingbird Trail as a case study for the “art of engagement”. Discuss techniques for engaging and educating the public on the design process, collaborating with professional fine artists, and understanding the challenges at hand for “fixing” an urban fabric that is torn.

Mockingbird Trail on Artloft

Mockingbird Trail Concept Video


Rebecca Bradley, RLA ASLA and Gage Couch, ASLA
Cadence Co-Founders
Cadence is a Landscape Architecture and Urban Design practice focused on connecting physical and social landscapes. Their office is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale within the growing art district of Flagler Village. Cadence originated the Mockingbird Trail project, sought funding and has managed the project and implementation as its caretakers for the past two years.

Jenni Morejon
Deputy Director for the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority
Jenni is the public sector rep for the team. She is the Deputy Director for the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority, a special taxing district that serves as the catalyst for economic development in the City’s urban core. Prior to this role, Jenni spent her past 16 years as an urban planner for the City of Fort Lauderdale, most recently as the Director of Sustainable Development. In that capacity, Jenni was responsible for leading the City’s planning, development, permitting, and community reinvestment activities during a period of unprecedented growth. Growing up both in South Florida and Western Colorado, Jenni’s inspiration and passion comes from her Grandfather, who owned a tropical native-plant nursery, and her artist-visionary father.

Sarah Michelle Rupert
Visual Artist and Director for Girls’ Club
Sarah is a visual artist and the gallery director of Girls’ Club Foundation, a non-profit alternative art space and private collection of contemporary art based our of downtown Fort Lauderdale. As a Mockingbird Trail ensemble member, Sarah’s main role was to curate the artist involved and advise on all things “arty.” Sarah was brought on to help find a local artist that could bring the Mockingbird Trail project’s ideas and goals to existence and communicate these to the general public.

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