The Art of Landscape Architecture | Part II

Date | April 26th, 2014
Time | 7-11pm
Artists’ Talk | 8pm
Streetside food | Palate Party

In honor of National Landscape Architecture Month in April, Cadence will celebrate their profession, The Art of Landscape Architecture | Part II. Join us for this new segment in exploring the creative profession of Landscape Architecture. Throughout the entire month of April, Cadence will share projects from around the world designed by Landscape Architects, showing the breadth and depth of this unique profession. The exhibit will be a compilation of all 30 projects.

Artists’ Talk | 8pm 

Join Rebecca Bradley and Gage Couch as they talk about the profession they love.

About Cadence Pop-up Gallery:

The Cadence Pop-up Gallery exists to highlight progressive and contemporary art and design as it relates to the living environments we encounter as humans. The gallery seeks to showcase emerging artists, designers and creators in a contemporary setting. This by-day office space is transformed into a gallery space showcasing exhibits that will directly connect the gallery and community by following a model that provokes on engaging conversation. For more information please contact