The Roux, Atlanta, GA

So often designers speak of authenticity and experience – what does that really mean? On a recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia I covered more ground in 3 days with my valiant tour guide than I have in the last 5 visits I’d made to Hotlanta. Touring around with a fellow designer, we couldn’t help but analyze every single place we visited. From a menu selection, to the typography of a particular sign, to the layout of a local artisan’s boutique…we notice everything! As designers that’s our job. The regular public enjoys a space or a place with a clear head, while we analyze why is the place so successful – just what is making it an authentic and pleasurable experience for those who frequent it?

Unique detailing, reliable products or quality construction alone will not make a place. But those items coupled with great service, comfortable atmosphere, regular items presented in a new/creative way, all done with fair pricing….that’s the types of experiences people keep coming back for. Authenticity can be defined multiple ways, but at Cadence we believe that experience revolves around businesses that evoke pride and care for what they are providing you with. A patron can feel it from the way they are welcomed when they enter the store, to the care and organization of which the place is set up, to the attention they are given when a purchase is being handled. Patrons are people and business owners are people. When you can feel that personal touch, it makes a difference on if you’ll make a return visit. This rhythm that makes businesses work helped define how we named our company – finding the Cadence that’s just right for your type of business brings quality experiences to your patrons and employees while delivering balanced success to your venture.

Here’s a few places we enjoyed in Atlanta. We welcome them as our debut list of The Roux.

Carroll Street Cafe – Cabbage Town
Holeman & Finch – Buckhead
King of Pops – Poncey-Highland
Octane Coffee Lounge – West Side
Parish – Inman Park
Yeah Burger – West Side
Young Blood Boutique – Poncey-Highland
West Egg – West Side

We’d love to hear from you. Got any other places in Atlanta you love? Or maybe right in your own town? Please share!

The idea behind The Roux
A roux is a mixture of butter and flour, cooked until bubbly. It can be browned very deeply, then used as the base for cajun dishes such as etouffe or gumbo. If not browned at all, it is the base for bechamel, veloute, or white sauce. The ever-growing list of The Roux is our tribute to unique businesses we feel created a successful Roux as the base for their authentic business. When served up, their business makes for a delicious experience.